Encanto Coloring Pages 馃尯

Do you like the charming movie? Well, here we have many charming coloring pages!

You can download and print them directly from your PC for free and online!

encanto coloring pages printable
encanto coloring pages printable
encanto coloring pages printable

Charming Movie Characters

Maribel Madrigal

The fifteen-year-old girl is the youngest of three sisters, a fan of embroidery and is one of the protagonists of this Disney movie. She is the only one without a magical gift. Here Above You Will Find Some Of Maribel Madrigal’s Coloring Pages. Print and paint them as you like!

Alma 芦Abuela禄 Madrigal

I raise her triplets: Bruno, Julieta and Pepa. They at the age of 5 obtained a magical gift. It was inherited to his grandchildren except for Maribel madrigal. she teaches how to use her gifts for the protection of the community and to benefit the people.

Isabela y Luisa Madrigal

They are the two sisters of Maribel. Isabela (The Eldest) And Luisa (The Middle One). With Isabela they don’t have a very good relationship with Maribel, on the other hand, with Luisa they get along very well with each other.

Bruno Madrigal

He is the uncle of Maribel Madrigal, his magical gift is to predict the future.

Julieta Madrigal

Maribel’s Mom. She has the gift of healing people with the food she prepares.

Agustin madrigal

It’s Maribel’s Pope. He does not have any gift as he does not belong to the family directly. He is kind of clumsy and prone to accidents.

encanto coloring pages printable
encanto coloring pages

Trailer english Movie Encanto

Do you know how you are going to paint them?

You can paint in many shapes and colors.

The important thing is to have everything you need to carry out that drawing as you imagined it and then we will show you the best Amazon products to paint the Encanto coloring pages.

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