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Paw Patrol Coloring Pages 🐶

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Download each and every one of the best paw patrol drawings to paint!

hours of fun guaranteed, unfold some crayons, markers, pencils, paint and start coloring! All you have to do is download our drawings and print them. And best of all, completely free and with the best quality!

Many coloring pages for any child and different ages, explore the entire web!

In case you don’t know them here we leave you all their names and characters so you can choose the one you like the most. It is a series of comedy and fun with a group of puppies. Each one has a different personality so it is very likely that you identify with one of them.

Marshall Coloring Pages 🧑‍🚒

This is the firefighter and doctor character, his name is Marshall. He is 6 years old and his main job is to heal, put out fires and he is very kind, funny and a little clumsy. This adorable pup will make you smile for sure! Download, print and have fun coloring this paw patrol firefighter.

Chase Coloring Page 👮

This dog patrol character is called Chase, he is a 7-year-old puppy of the German Shepherd breed. He is the most serious and mature when it comes to the missions of these sweets. He is a policeman so his main duty in the paw patrol is to provide security and protect. He is allergic to cats and very funny when he is not on missions. Below you can download and print them.

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos chase policia
la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos chase policia

Skye Coloring Pages

This paw patrol character is called Skye. She is the first female character in the series. She is a Cocker Spaniel and is 5 years old. Her favorite thing is flying. Between her and Zuma they have a small enmity. Her best friend is Everest, and below we are going to show you Everest coloring pages so you can color and print. Her task in her missions is to fly over the area.

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos Skye
la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos skye

Rubble Coloring Pages

This paw patrol character is the builder. His name is Rubble. His duty in the missions is to build structures, use machinery and demolish. He is the penultimate to join. This adorable English bulldog is 5 years old and loves to have fun and eat. He has super strength but is afraid of ghosts and spiders. He click on any image below and download it to print Rubble from paw patrol for free.

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos rubble
la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos rubble

Rocky Coloring Pages

This paw patrol pup is a 6 year old mongrel and recycler. He is very playful but he is very afraid of water. By his suit you can realize that it is about recycling. His duties mainly focus on reusing different things. He is a great reference for the little ones, so that they follow those steps and be able to achieve a better world. Download here Rocky from paw patrol to print.

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos rocky reciclador
la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos rocky reciclador

Zuma Coloring Pages

This patrol pup is 5 years old and is a Labrador retriever. His name is Zuma and unlike Rocky he is a specialist in water, lakes and oceans. His mission is to dive and find objects. His best friend is Rocky. He downloads Zuma to color and print.

paw patrol printables

Tracker Coloring Pages

It’s a character from paw patrol. His name is Tracker and he is a 4 year old chihuahua. His mission is to check the sheets and jungles. He is like a ranger and he is afraid of the dark.

paw patrol free coloring pages

Everest Coloring Pages

She is one of the newest pups in the series. Her name is Everest and she is a Husky and she is 7 years old. Her mission in the paw patrol is to guard and rescue people or animals from the snow mountains. Her best friend is the puppy Skye and she is very playful like her. And she is very happy next to Marshall. She downloads Everest from paw patrol to color and print.

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos everest

More paw patrol coloring pages

la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos
la patrulla canina para colorear dibujos

Some episodes of paw patrol

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