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Plants vs Zombies Coloring Pages

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The fun Plants vs Zombies is based on a video game style called Tower Defense. was published on May 5, 2009, Chosen as one of the best video games of that year.

Plants versus Zombies

Once the game begins, we must position different plants that will help us stop the advance of the zombies, like many tower defense games, the enemies in this case, the time of zombies, have different abilities to try to overcome our defense of plants and so you can devour the brains of the residents 😱

plants vs zombies coloring pages printable
Plants Vs Zombies Coloring Pages
plants vs zombies coloring pages all plants
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plants vs zombies coloring pages all zombies
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Plants vs Zombies Kids Coloring Pages

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Peashooter plant printable free for boys
plants vs zombies coloring pages dr zomboss
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Where to Download Plants vs Zombies?

The game is distributed Via origin and steam for Microsoft Windows, BlackBerry, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, Android, IOS, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Mac OS X

Find Here The Best Drawings of Zombies vs Plants

we all love this game, have fun painting your favorite pictures of plants vs zombies

Coloring Pages Free

plants vs zombies coloring pages
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plants vs zombies coloring pages printable
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List Of All Game Modes

The main game mode, and the only one available at the beginning, is the Adventure Mode, in which the different types of plants and zombies are presented progressively as the story progresses and reaches level 5-10. As you progress, extra options and modes are unlocked.

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  • Minigames:
  • Vegezombies: In this level the zombies have peashooter faces and nuts that you have to destroy.
  • The Bowling Alley: The player must throw nuts and nutcrackers (which explode) at the zombies.
  • Zombiquarium: There are two zombie divers in an aquarium, you have to feed them brains to prevent them from dying; each brain is worth five suns, if the player reaches a thousand suns, he wins the minigame.
  • Fallen Seeds: It rains and plants fall that the player must plant.
  • form! Arr!: There is a huge zombie invasion on the roof, so when the player plants a single seed, the same seed will be planted all over the row.
  • Slots: The player must trigger a slot machine. Each shot is worth 25 soles, if the player gets 2000 soles, he wins.
  • Bezombied: The player must make matches with the plants, if he manages to make 75 matches, he wins.
  • Portal Combat: There are some portals that if a plant shoots and collides with a portal, it does not attack; and if a zombie goes through a portal, it will go through the other of the same type.
  • Seeing the stars: The player must plant Frustrellas on the marked spaces until they are all complete.
  • Bowling 2: Very similar to bowling, but with giant nuts (which kill all zombies in the line) and new zombies.
  • Bobshleigh Races: Many zombiectors will leave ice paths and bobshleigh zombies will run over them.
  • Invisibles: The player must kill invisible zombies.
  • The Last Battalion: The player must survive five flags in a row, but unlike normal levels, they must plant the plants before the zombies arrive.
  • Vegezombies 2: Very similar to vegezombies, but here it is a pool level and there are new zombies.
  • Bezombied Twist: Very similar to Bezombied, only here combinations are made in circles.
  • Saltimbanquis: You have to kill jumping zombies that appear on the roof.
  • Zumbaos zombies: You have to keep up the pace while killing zombies.
  • Small but Thugs: All Zombies are Small.
  • Cool Mallet: The player has to Hit the zombies with a Mallet.
  • The Revenge of Dr. Zomboss: Dr. Zomboss returns to attack a second time.
  • Puzzles:
  • I, Zombie: The player must place zombies to the right of the red line so that they eat the brains, but there are plants that prevent it (cardboard plants so that the real ones do not suffer damage); if all five brains are eaten, the player wins the minigame.
  • Vasebreaker: Several vases appear, from which plants or zombies can come out, you must kill all the zombies and break all the vases.
  • Survival:
  • survival day
  • Survival Night
  • Pool Survival
  • Fog Survival
  • Roof Survival
  • Survival Day (Hard)
  • Night Survival (Hard)
  • Pool Survival (Hard)
  • Fog Survival (Hard)
  • Roof Survival (Hard)
  • Infinite Survival

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